Tuition Schedule

All course tuition for Language Study Courses is per semester. Our semesters are 15 weeks.  

  • A full year of study is 30 weeks- 10% discount when enrolling for a full year.
  • Pay tuition in full, by charter PO/Voucher, or monthly!

Minimum number of students for a group class is 2.

  •  Kindergarten Language Courses (3-7 years old)
    • 1 day per week-  $370
  • Elementary Language Courses (1st – 5th)
    • 1 day per week– $370
    • 2 days per week– $620
  • Middle School/High School  Language Courses (6th – 12th)
    • One day per week– $370
    • Two days per week– $620
    • Three days per week– $945
  • Honors  Language Courses (9th – 12th grade)
    • Three days per week- $1140
  • Intensive 20 week (200 hour) courses (8th-12th grade)
    • Five days per week/two hours per day- $2500
    • 20 weeks intensive- one year of high school credit
      • Intensive 20-week courses allow the student to complete one year of language in 20 weeks and two years in 40 weeks.
      • Regular language classes are completed in 30 weeks- two 15 week semesters.
      • Special tuition rates for groups of six or more that enroll
  • Classes for Expat/Heritage Speakers
    • Two days per week- $650 
  • Private Adult Classes Language Courses
    • One day per week- $650

Note- One day per week classes are an excellent choice for students who are struggling or need extra help with a language class they are taking in a brick and mortar school

Private lessons (15 weeks)- 

Private lessons are defined as a full class taught by one of our certified teachers.  These are actual classes, not tutoring and are available for credit for students in 6th-12th grade.

  • $650– One day per week
  • $280  – per additional day per week
    •  Private lesson cost is per student.  Siblings wishing to register for a private lesson together must enroll separately. 
    • Please contact our office to schedule private classes

Family Language Club (monthly)- 

Private family classes taught by one of our certified teachers.  

  • $200– monthly for one day per week

Private Tutoring- 

Private tutoring is not a full class.  Tutoring is designed for students who are already in classes who need extra help.  Students bring the work to the tutoring session that they would like to work on, or tell the tutor the concepts that they are needing help with.

  • $50 per one hour tutoring session
  • $450 for 10 tutoring session

English Classes (ELA and EFL) available by request

Language Sampler Classes- 

  • FREE