Tuition Schedule

All course tuition for Language Study Courses is per semester. Our semesters are 15 weeks.  

  • A full year of study is 30 weeks- 10% discount when enrolling for a full year.
  • Pay tuition in full, by charter PO/Voucher, or monthly!

  •  Kindergarten Language Courses (3-7 years old)
    • 1 day per week-  $370
  • Elementary Language Courses (1st – 5th)
    • 1 day per week– $370
    • 2 days per week– $620
  • Middle School/High School  Language Courses (6th – 12th)
    • One day per week– $370
    • Two days per week– $620
    • Three days per week– $945
  • Honors  Language Courses (9th – 12th grade)
    • Three days per week- $1140
  • Intensive 20 week (200 hour) courses (8th-12th grade)
    • Five days per week/two hours per day- $2500
    • 20 weeks intensive- one year of high school credit
      • Intensive 20-week courses allow the student to complete one year of language in 20 weeks and two years in 40 weeks.
      • Regular language classes are completed in 30 weeks- two 15 week semesters.
      • Special tuition rates for groups of six or more that enroll
  • Classes for Expat/Heritage Speakers
    • Two days per week- $650 
  • Adult Classes Language Courses
    • One day per week- $370
  • Story Listening (All ages)  $225

Note- One day per week classes are an excellent choice for students who are struggling or need extra help with a language class they are taking in a brick and mortar school

Private lessons (15 weeks)-

  • $650– One day per week
  • $280  – per additional day per week
    •  Private lesson cost is per student.  Siblings wishing to register for a private lesson together must enroll separately. 
    • Please contact our office to schedule private classes

English Classes (ELA and EFL) available by request

Language Sampler Classes- 

  • $10

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