Laurine Leung

French / Western European Languages Department Chair

Laurine was born in France and grew up in Avignon, in Provence. She started her career as an engineer in microelectronics. She moved to the United States in 2012, and had her first child in 2014. While a stay-at-home mom, she volunteered at a French school in Washington State and enjoyed teaching French to children. She decided to move her career towards teaching French and got her French degree as a Foreign Language (FLE) in 2015. Mom of two young children, she has been in the teaching field as a teacher assistant first, then as a teacher. She moved to Illinois a year ago and is currently enrolled in University to seek her French teaching certification from Illinois State with endorsement for Middle/High schools. In parallel, she is thrilled to join the team at Bon Voyage, and cannot wait to meet you and/or your child(ren) in class soon.
Laurine teaches:
    • Story Listening
    • Elementary 2
    • Elementary 3
    • Elementary Expats

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Caroline Naud

French and German


Salut! Guten Tag!

My name is Caroline and I love languages.  I speak French, English, German, and Spanish.  I am a fan of  linguistics and languages.  My favorite word is “cooccurrence” because it has three double letters!  I love making jokes and I laugh easily.  I hope to be successful in helping you  have fun with language.  I lived in Germany for seven months teaching French at the Gymnasium (High school or Secondary School).  I was also a French monitor in Montreal for 5 years.

I have two chihuahuas that make me very happy.  I have a bachelor’s in German Studies in Montreal.  My German teacher gave me so much motivation and inspiration to continue to learn German in Quebec.  I hope to give you a new view after learning French or German with me!

It will be my pleasure to meet you!


Caroline teaches:

  • French 1
  • French 2
  • French 3
  • French 4
  • Honors French
  • German 1
  • German 2
  • German 3
  • German 4

Megan Padden-Shin

French, Spanish, and English

Megan began her educational career as a college level French and Spanish tutor in 2005. Megan has since spent over a decade in the field of education. She has taught middle school and high school level English classes and even designed curriculum for a number of SAT prep courses. Megan has Bachelor of the Arts in English with a double minor in French and Spanish from Westfield State University and a Master of Science in Education from Walden University

Megan teaches:

  • Story Listening for Spanish and French
  • Kindergarten 1 for Spanish and French
  • Elementary 1 for Spanish and French
  • All levels of English

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Julie Meierdirks

French and Spanish

Hi! My name is Julie Meierdirks and I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I have my
Bachelor’s degree in Education with a major in Spanish and a minor in French from
Northwestern University and a Master’s in Spanish Language and Culture from the University of
California, Santa Barbara. I have been teaching Spanish and French for over 20 years and I also
volunteer to tutor adult English language learners through our community education center.
I’ve taught at both the high school and middle school/junior high levels and I really enjoy all
ages! My love for languages and cultures is what drives my passion for teaching! I truly enjoy
watching students open their minds by learning a new language to communicate in the world!

Julie teaches:

  • Middle/High School Spanish 1
  • Middle/High School Spanish 2
  • Middle/High School French 1
  • Middle/High School French 2


Mafer Frantz


Mafer was born in Colombia, South America where she received a BA in Textile Design and Arts from Los Andes University.  She moved to the United States and in 2004 gave birth to her daughter, Isabella.. As well as being a trained textile designer and published artist, Mafer has developed her own unique curriculum and taught Spanish to preschool and elementary children at the Riverbend Montessori school in Sugar Land, Texas, as well as conducting a highly popular after school Spanish program at the Nevada City School of the Arts in California. She also has taught numerous students Spanish online over the past decade.

As a native Spanish speaker, Mafer is raising her daughter as bilingual. She specializes in teaching children ages 3-12 through her interactive curriculum. When not teaching, you will find her hiking and exploring nature as well as promoting healthy nutrition and living.

Mafer loves working in a learning environment with children. Whether it be teaching Spanish, conducting  children’s yoga classes, or volunteering at her daughter’s children’s theater, you won’t find her very far from being involved in enriching a child’s life.

She looks forward to the opportunity to teach your child and transport them through the door to the new world that knowing a second language can open.


Mafer teaches:

  • Story Listening
  • Kindergarten 1
  • Kindergarten 2
  • Elementary 1
  • Elementary 2

Morgane Réto


Bonjour à tous !

My name is Morgane Réto, I am French and I grew up in Brittany in the northwest of France. Since July 2018, I moved with my family in Greenville, in South Carolina for an amazing experience. I have two children, my daughter is 7 and my son is 5.
I worked for an international company for ten years in supply chain and logistics. After that I decided to follow my passion which is to teach, to share knowledge with people. So I decided to come back to school and I got another Master degree in Elementary Education in 2017. In French, I was in charge of a Kindergarten classroom. Since I arrived in the United-States, I teach French as a volunteer in an American Public School, in an international association and I do private French lessons. I love sharing, explaining the French culture and proposing activities where we can have fun and we can learn in the same time.


Morgane teaches:

    • Story Listening
    • Elementary 1
    • Elementary 2
    • Elementary 3
    • MSHS 1
    •  MSHS 2

Sheng-Ping Wang

Chinese/ Asian Languages Department Chair

大家好! Greetings!

My name is Sheng-Ping Wang and I am excited to join Bon Voyage World Languages Academy as a Mandarin/Chinese teacher. I was born in Taiwan, grown up in Keelung and went to college in Taipei. I have Bachelor’s degree in Education (specialized in Music Education) from University of Taipei and a Graduate Certificate (Master credits) from U of Maryland, Baltimore County.

I was a certified teacher in Taiwan. As a home room teacher at elementary school, I taught Chinese daily along with other subjects. I and my family have lived in US for 13 years now and I also have years teaching experience in states. I start as an assistant teacher in pre-k classrooms then become a lead teacher in kindergarten enrichment programs as well as a lead staff in K-5 after school programs.

I and my family love to travel. We have visited France, Germany, Prague, London, and Oxford during summer vacations. In order to learn more new things from the world, I and my daughter also study French with Madame Porter in Bon Voyage World Languages Academy. In my spare time, I enjoy working closely with local musicians as a piano accompanist and share homemade recipes on my own blog and cooking websites.

Looking forward to working with you!


Sheng-Ping teaches:

    • Elementary 1
    • Elementary 2
    • MSHS 1
    • MSHS2
    • Adult 1
    • Story Listening

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Jenny Ning Zhan



My name is Ning Zhan. You can call me Jenny instead. I was born in Quanzhou, where is a coastal city in south-eastern part of China. I have a Bachelor degree in Radio and Television from Shanghai Normal University and Master of Education degree in Learning, Teaching & Curriculum from University of Missouri – Columbia. Over the past five years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to instruct a diverse group of students from Kindergarten to College level in Columbia, Missouri. As a result, I have developed effective teaching techniques and instructional methods, which have allowed me to educate all styles of learners, and to foster a fun and engaging learning environment that effectively teaches art appreciation with Mandarin integrated, in which promotes creativity and encourages growing independence. Now, I am Chinese teacher at Charlotte Chinese Academy. I love to share Chinese language, culture and art with people surroundings and can‘t wait to share my passion with students from Bon Voyage World Language Academy.

Jenny teaches:

    • MSHS 1
    • MSHS 2
    • MSHS 3
    • MSHS 4
    • Adult 1
    • China travel lead
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Veronika Kalinouskaya


Veronica is a native speaker of Russian language. Being in love with different cultures and their history from a childhood, she has decided to devote all the energy to “living through” new mentalities and learning new languages by travelling and teaching children over three continents.

Veronica obtained a B.A. in International Law from the Belarus State University and then did postgraduate work in linguistics: both in English and Spanish.

Veronica has been teaching Russian for over 2 years in Belarus; and also volunteered to tutor the language to children with disabilities in the U.S.A.; in addition to that, she spent the last year in China giving English classes to the students between 4-5 years of age.

As a teacher, Veronica believes that parents are the best teachers and role models for their child, therefore, positive communications between parents and teachers is a key method in her work. She looks forward to be the best teacher for You or Your child!

-Veronica teaches all levels of Russian
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Sara Boi


Ciao. My name is Sara and I am here to use my 10 years of teaching experience to help you succeed in your dream. For the last 4 years I have been teaching Italian language to students in a top 3 Pontifical University in Rome, Italy. I was born in Rome, Italy and graduated with honors from the University of Rome, La Sapienza, with a degree in Asian Studies and Cultures. I hold a master in Teaching Italian Language. In 2006 I moved to Japan where I worked as an Italian teacher for two years. I also have Ditals II, Teaching Italian as a Foreign language Certification. I am proud of my culture and love to share my language and upbringing with my students.  I’m a passionate Italian food and art lover so whether you’re reading biographical information about the brilliant painter Caravaggio or figuring out how to cook some of your favorite Italian dishes, learning Italian with me is simply essential!

Sara teaches:

    • kindergarten 1
    • kindergarten 2
    • elementary 1
    • elementary 2
    • elementary 3
    • MSHS 1
    • MSHS 2
Viviana Ardesia

Viviana Ardesia

Italian and Latin

Ciao e benvenuti a BonVoyage!
I’mViviana and I was born in Pescara, a tiny city on the Adriatic Sea, where I attended high school in Classical Studies. I
have a Master degree in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the world, and I
hold a PhD in Italian History from the University of Udine. I lived in Pisa, Milan and Turin teaching Italian Grammar and
Literature in Middle schools and History at university for more than 15 years. I moved to Florida recently with my family
and I can’t wait to share my language and my culture with all of you!

Viviana  teaches all levels of Italian


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Alessandra Castoldi


Ciao. My name is Alessandra. I was born in Milan (Italy). I have a Master degree in Italian language and
Literature from the University of Milan. I taught for almost 20 years Italian and History at Middle school in
Italy. I also have 5 years experience in teaching Italian as an additional language to foreign adults and children.
Four years ago I moved with my husband and my two kids in Dubai where I taught Italian at Dubai
International Academy. In 2018 we moved to the US in Austin (TX).
Teaching Italian has always been my passion and I am looking forward to spread my language. Learning a
new language is probably the best way to know a country and its culture and I’m very happy to introduce you
to the Italian culture and traditions.
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Hebah Shahinhindi


My name is Hebah Shahinhindi and I’m a teacher for non-native for more than 10 years now,
I’m originally from Jordan but currently living in the USA.
As a native Arabic speaker, I have a passion for teaching the Arabic language as a means to
bridge cultural understanding and has successfully taught Arabic to non-native speakers for over
eight years. I earned a Master’s in Teaching Arabic to Speakers of other languages from the
University of Jordan where I taught Arabic to non-native speakers. In addition, I taught students
of all backgrounds and all levels and ages at the Qasid Arabic Institute and several American
university and I’m a certified ACTFL tester and evaluator.
I have a passion for teaching the language that is evident in the variety of classes I taught over
the years. I have experience in teaching both Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic in
addition to Arabic literature, media as well as the Levantine and Egyptian colloquial dialects. I
also assisted in the development of the intermediate and advanced Modern Standard Arabic
curriculum at the Qasid Arabic Institute.
Since teaching Arabic has been always my passion I want to benefit students as much as I can,
and help them to reach the highest levels they can, in language and in understanding the Arabic
Hebah teaches all levels of Arabic
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Esther Kim



Hi, my name is Esther Kim.
I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. When I was 15, my family moved to the state and I had to
learn English as my second language. So, I understand the challenges when it comes to learning new
language. I’ve been teaching Korean for last 6 years. I have taught in both private and school settings
and I have taught all ages and all levels. I have three children of my own and I’ve been teaching them
Korean ever since they were born. They can all speak and read Korean fluently.
I love Korean culture and history. I am ready to share them with all my students. I am red belt in
Taekwondo and planning on getting black belt one day. I also play Korean instrument Kayagum. I am
interested in K-pop, K-drama, K-beauty, and K-food. So, if you are into any of K-culture let’s talk!
I love learning new languages and its culture. I will be getting my BA in Korean (teaching Korean as a
second language) from Korea University this fall. I also have AA degree in American Sign Language, and I
am fluent in Korean Sign Language as well. People say that Korean is one of most difficult language to
learn, but l am here to help. I can’t wait to meet all my students.

Esther teaches all levels of Korean.

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Nikol Kokkoni


My name is Nikol (from Nikolitsa) I am Greek and I grew up in Patras, southeast of
Greece. I have studied Greek Philοlogy and ancient Greek and I have a master degree
in Linguistics. I am giving private lessons to students of primary and secondary
education in Greece since 2012, I am teaching Greek as a second/foreign language
since 2016. For many years I have been a camp counselor and community leader.
When I finished my studies I had an internship in an advertising company creating
and editing press releases, editing and writing articles in a greek online newspaper.
Currently I live in Málaga, Spain where I have Translation and Interpretation courses
Greek/Spanish, Spanish -Greek, in the University of Malaga and I also participate in
translation and lettering of graphic novels.
Teaching modern greek, sharing my language and my culture is my passion. I am an
enthusiastic person, I like to improve myself and my knowledge as much as possible,
while making positive impact. Learning a language is a window to a new world, let ́s
open this window together and have fun!

Nikol teaches all levels of Greek.

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T’helah Ben-Dan

Hebrew/Eastern European and Middle Eastern Languages Department Chair

שלום! Shalom – hello!

My name is T’helah Ben-Dan, and I’ve been teaching Hebrew both face-to-face and online for the past five years. I grew up in a Hebrew-speaking household, but really fell in love with the language on my first trip to Israel as a college student. Since then, I’ve taught students ages 6-70 how to speak, read, and write in Hebrew, and I can’t wait to teach you too!

I hold two Hebrew teaching certificates in Teaching Hebrew to Beginners, and Exposing Young Children to Hebrew Language and Culture; I am also a certified ACTFL OPI tester. When I’m not teaching, I love reading, traveling abroad, and baking.

T’Helah teaches all levels of Hebrew

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Anne-Gaëlle Burns

French and Spanish

Hello! Bonjour! Hola!
My name is Annegaelle, I am a French and Spanish teacher here at Bon Voyage.
French is my first language but I have studied English and Spanish as second and third
languages, so I am very familiar with the difficulties of learning a new one.
I have seen the importance of using new learning techniques, since I have a degree in
languages & Psychology, and also know how to make it a fun experience!
Here at Bonvoyage we use our 5 senses to learn languages and know how to make it
entertaining and enjoyable for anyone!!
With me you will sing, play games and have many activities that we will use to get to
know each other, and much like your first friend abroad.
I will show you my culture, customs and a new way of life!
So if you would like to hangout and master a new language while having fun, then I am
really excited to be your new teacher & your new friend!


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Hiroko Hunter


My name is Hiroko Hunter, and I am excited to teach Japanese at the Bon Voyage World Language
Academy. I was born and raised in Japan, and came to the U.S. to go to college. I graduated with a
Master’s degree in secondary education in Georgia. I have taught Japanese at the elementary, high
school, and college level for 19 years. I currently live in Lexington, Kentucky and I have two sons, a 23-
year old and a 17-year old. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, jogging, and playing piano.
Even though I have a busy life, I get pure joy from helping children learn. I believe a child learns best
when he /she is actively engaged in a meaningful activity and enthused by authentic materials. Children
will be able to make connections if the lessons are interesting and relevant to them. That is why I am so
excited to be a part of the Bon Voyage World Language Academy. Together, we can see your child grow
and exceed our expectations.
I know you are probably eager to begin this exciting school year. Please feel free to email me with any
questions or concerns. I am looking forward to working with you to make this year a wonderful learning
Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 16.33.38

Laura Pedroni


Laura first started learning German as a freshman in high school in 2000. Her high school had and still maintains a strong German program today. In deciding which path to pursue in post-secondary studies, she knew that she wanted to study abroad in Germany. She also had an admiration for her high school German teacher who inspired her to study German Education. Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois offers this unique major. Laura spent the 2007 spring semester at Universität Bonn in Bonn, Germany. She then graduated from ISU in May 2008 and had five full sections of German at a high school in Aurora, Illinois. Laura taught German levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 at the high school level for eleven years before resigning in May 2019 to be a stay-at-home mom. She would like to continue sharing her love for the German language and culture by teaching from home while taking care of her young children.
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Dorothée Laguerre


Hello everyone,
My name is Dorothée Marie Laguerre, I was born in Haïti 🇭🇹 and grew up in Montréal, Québec. I have been leaving in the State of Florida for over twenty years now. My love for the French Language brought me to start teaching a program called French Immersion when I was in College. I have taught in diverse environments and several schools system. In the Public , Private, Catholic, Christian, as well as with Special Needs Students who are so dear to my heart !
I have Bachelor in Liberal Studies and a Master of Sciences with a Major in Exceptional Education. Also, a few months ago , I completed a Certificate in TEFL. In a nutshell, I enjoy sharing, teaching and passing on the knowledge that I have accumulated along the years. Bienvenue, à ma classe de Français !!!