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Bon Voyage World Languages Academy proudly supports world language teachers and wants to help grow their programs. Madame Porter opened Bon Voyage World Languages Academy with the dream of helping  teachers build solid French language programs at a time when French programs are at risk of disappearing. The Bon Voyage method can easily be adapted to any language classroom, and the programs we use in Bon Voyage World Languages Academy can easily be adapted for any language teacher. In addition, Madame Porter recognizes, as a former public school teacher, that language teachers in the public schools are oftentimes limited in what they are allowed to do. Use her name, use the school’s name, if you can’t do it, come to us because WE CAN! Here are some ways we can support you and your language program:


Many districts will not allow world language teachers to travel with their students. Many more teachers want something other than an organized bus tour. Whether you would like your students to join the Bon Voyage immersion program at CAVILAM or you would like help organizing a trip for you and your students, we can help. Madame Porter is willing to travel to you, and come and speak to your students

Educators with a BVWLA Enhanced Membership also get 10% off of our CAVILAM Teacher Program AND 10% off any of our other travel programs.  Teachers also get to pass on the 10% discount to their students!

Professional Development

Madame Porter loves to teach teachers about her unique and highly effective teaching method. She offers several different training opportunities throughout the year and is willing to do school and district department trainings on method and curriculum. Her passion lies in curriculum, and she loves to share all the wonderful resources she has gathered with her colleagues.

Madame Porter is willing to travel to you or train via webinar!

Teacher Resources Share Drive

We have a small library/shared Google drive of  teacher resources.  We add to these resources as they are made available and this is a definite work in progress.  Because many of these resources have been made by Elizabeth Porter, many are written in French or English. Many are also language neutral.   This drive is updated regularly.

This share drive is part of our educator membership and those who purchase LW5S Training also gain access to the drive.

Click on the icon to access the shared drive.

The Bon Voyage Language Experience Podcast!

Elizabeth Porter hosts a weekly podcast called The Bon Voyage Language Experience.  The podcast talks about all things language and culture!  There are lots of ideas for teachers!

The Bon Voyage Language Experience YouTube Channel!

Along with the podcast The Bon Voyage Language Experience, we also have a YouTube channel! Many of these videos correspond to activities in the share drive!

Like our share drive, this is a work in progress so check back often for new and  edited videos!

Make a Donation!

Bon Voyage World Languages Academy is a non-profit organization whose mission is to spread language and global citizenship education around the world.  If you feel so move, please consider making a  donation to Bon Voyage so that we can continue to offer these resources!

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If you would like to speak to Madame Porter about any of the above or have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact her at

Merci Beaucoup!

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