Chart Your Path from Public School to Homeschool –


News headlines are full of pandemics and protests, and as a result, you are now faced with some very real and urgent decisions to make about your children’s education. Perhaps you’ve never even considered homeschooling as an option for your family. Or perhaps you have known that you need to make a change for your kids, and homeschooling has been kicking around in the back of your mind for some time. Join our panel as they talk in-depth about making the transition from public or private education to home education. Listen to one veteran homeschool mom talk about her experience transitioning to homeschooling as a child. And another mom who made the decision to move her own children to a homeschool model. If you have been asking yourself the following questions, this workshop is for you: I don’t have a teaching degree – how can I possibly teach my children? Will my kids suffer academically by being homeschooled? Will they be able to get into college? Is homeschooling even legal? These and many other questions will be covered by our panel of veteran homeschool moms. Drawing on their experiences homeschooling their children, as well as over 20+ years of counseling families at homeschool conventions across the US and Canada, they are passionate about sharing an education choice that has worked so well for them.

Elizabeth Porter

Madame Porter is a National Board Certified French teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in French and Linguistics, a Master’s degree in Education, and a French degree called a DEUG in French as a Foreign Language (FLE). She has spent several years living in France, and has a passion for all things French! Porter attended college in Normandy, France and spent a significant amount of time in Paris, as well. She taught elementary and middle school English in Normandy, returning home in XXXX to teach French stateside. She is a passionate teacher with 18 years of teaching experience.