6 Common Mistakes Homeschoolers Make That May Be Sabotaging Your Child’s Academic Progress

Wings to Soar Academy

Beth Ellen Nash

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Beth Ellen Nash founded Wings to Soar Online Academy, an individualized online and homeschool hybrid K-12th option where each child gets their own personalized Path to Success™ Learning Plan. Her speciality is empowering dyslexics and other outside-the-box learners. Beth Ellen is the author of the Amazon # 1 bestselling book, Dyslexia Outside-the-Box.

Elizabeth Porter

Madame Porter is a National Board Certified French teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in French and Linguistics, a Master’s degree in Education, and a French degree called a DEUG in French as a Foreign Language (FLE). She has spent several years living in France, and has a passion for all things French! Porter attended college in Normandy, France and spent a significant amount of time in Paris, as well. She taught elementary and middle school English in Normandy, returning home in XXXX to teach French stateside. She is a passionate teacher with 18 years of teaching experience.